Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chanel Cuts Costs With Paper Headdresses

Talk about being creative: in Chanel's January Couture show, renowned hairstylist Katsuya Kamo saved the fashion company thousands of dollars by creating this year's line of headresses... with paper.

Half a dozen helpers, three weeks, and two packets of 11 x 17 office paper later, and viola! Kamo's designs were ready for the runway. These are a few of the designs that Kamo came up with. They're amazing... and a far cry away from the paper hats I remember making as a kid.


  1. I mean, the headdress looks really ridiculous...

    but it has nothing to do with the paper, I just think thin, tall, off-center hats with large fake flower petals on them are wacky.

    I think if the fashion industry really wants to tightens its belt and pitch in on the economy, they should also try and avoid cutting down lots of trees for hats.

    Let's go with burlap. It's sturdy, functional, and best of all cheap. Plus, I think potatoes look pretty snazzy in them when they are sitting on store shelves.

  2. Emily, remember your paper hat designs at age 5? Hey, they might have been a little more, shall we say - basic? but they were absolute genious. Chanel can't compare.