Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Lighter Side...

I was about to write on the attempted suicide of a 90 year old woman whose home was foreclosed, but I thought that was a little intense for my first official posting. (Don't worry- she survived and was able to keep her home).

So instead, I sampled a quote from one of my favorite websites, overheardinnewyork.com- a hilarious site where New Yorkers send in snippets of conversations they've overheard on the street.  The conversations are then posted online (along with an amusing headline).  This one emulates my feelings exactly on my impending graduation...

New Yorkers Love a Game of "So You Think You Have Problems?"
Screaming Child: Mommy, I want to go home!
Disgruntled Employee: You think you have problems?! Try graduating from art college in the middle of a recession! Then you can cry!
--H&M Store

And you'd be surprised how often panhandlers can be counted on for a laugh:

Hobo on subway to man in suit: Spare change? Anyone? Spare change for the homeless? You look like you worked for Lehman Brothers, you're excused.
--51st St

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  1. I gave 2 students money for metro fares today (equaling 2.70)and then decided I couldn't afford a baguette to go with dinner for 1.90. my priorities have gotten completely messed up.