Tuesday, February 3, 2009


In case you haven't heard, the economy has entered the seventh circle of hell.

And everyone has their ways of dealing with it.  The Girl Scouts of America have recently announced plans to remove a small number of cookies from each box to combat higher prices on raw materials and transportation costs.  My best friend's pot dealer is currently offering a "recession special" on juicy fruit- the leaf, not the gum. (no link for that one. You'll have to take my word on it.) Thank God we have celebrities like Mary Kate Olsen to look at the bright side. Miss Olsen was recently overheard to say in a Barney's that the recession was "sad....but at least they are having good sales!" 

Everybody- except perhaps Miss Olsen- is hurting. It seems like a day can't go by without more news of corporate liquidations, nefarious CEOs, and ineffective politicians.  We are, quite literally,  saturated in bad news.

...So why write a blog about it?  

I'm tired of the same news angle.  We all know about the business liquidations, the plunging stock market, and our mounting debt.  Personally, I'd like to find out more about companies and individuals who are adapting their lives and businesses to the current economic crisis. What are they doing that's different?  And have they been successful? 

I'd love to get some interactive feedback on this blog. I'd love to hear what your situation is and how this economy has effected you. And in the meantime, I'll be posting all the true stories I can find- whether they're funny, inspirational, or tragic- about how everyone from the average Americans to the 7 figure businessman is surviving the worst recession since the Great Depression.

~Emily Leonard

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  1. I love happy endings. Is the 90 year old looking for a roomate?