Thursday, March 19, 2009

Apple Unveils Awesome New iPod for $79

Gotta love those folks over at Apple. They've just released the latest ipod shuffle- half as big as the original, with double the capacity. And at $79, it's affordable for pretty much anyone who wants an iPod.

The new shuffle in comparison to the older model- almost half the size.

The shuffle is equipped with a stainless steel clip bearing the apple logo.

The shuffle can play over a thousand songs and has a funky new feature: voiceover. But rather than explain it myself, I think I'll let Hannah, an Apple employee, do the job for me: 

See, this is why their stock is going up. Awesome.


  1. I am so confused- the old shuffle was barely big enough to understand. Do we really need a new, smaller one?

  2. No kidding, I have one of the old ones and my fat fingers could barely hit the next track button without mashing pretty much all the buttons. I get that making things smaller saves energy and money and you miniaturize the internal chip components.

    However, one of the drawbacks here is now the way that the shuffle is controlled is through a control pad on their new proprietary headphone design. Lose you headphones, and you'll be paying apple $20-40 for news ones, instead of just grabbing an old junky pair you have lying around (with no control interface).

    Interesting tech, but another example of Apple's "closed" system forcing the consumer to fork over more cash. Not a good bet for me in this economy.