Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Modern Day Hoovervilles?

Click here to read a sobering article by The New York Times about the rise of "shanty towns"- makeshift homeless communities- in California.  New York will be seeing it next...

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  1. Yeah, unfortunately right now we seem more concerned about people who bought homes utilizing mortgages they would never in a million years be able to pay and are now being foreclosed on. Sure, that's sad because many of them were hoodwinked. But they were hoodwinked due to their own laziness in not wanting to check out and understand the terms of the deals they were getting from banks. They just saw a giant huge dream home and thought, if I finance it then who cares. Well, the answer is you will when you get evicted.

    The true homeless who are so because they went off to Vietnam/Iraq and lost a limb, or were never provided an education, or have mental illness/deficiencies are the ones who end up living in these shanty towns.

    And the sad part is that no one in the government or society at large cares about them in all honesty. To most Americans, those are the "too lazy to get a job crowd" when in reality they are the ones who would be happy to have a low paying job with a mortgage on a tiny home that they can afford.

    If we want to bailout any individual citizens, it shouldn't be the long island idiots I see on the news crying that their dream home is being taken away because they defaulted on their mortgage. It should be the people who were given the shortest end of the stick, never had an opportunity and never lived above their means.

    The sad part is, we can identify with the people who tried to "live the American dream" above their means and wouldn't want to lose our own home. We just can't seem to identify with those who were never given a shot in life and therefore are homeless.