Wednesday, March 25, 2009


What a terrible time to be an NYU student.  According to an article in Fox 28, New York is considering a new tax on alcohol products- everything from the hard stuff to beer and wine.

Currently, New York's alcohol taxes are among the lowest in the country- about 60 cents lower per gallon of wine than the national average, according to an opinion piece in The Buffalo News. But doesn't the $2.75 tax on a pack of cigarettes more than compensate?

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  1. One would think, but NYC has raised or is preparing to raise taxes on just about everything the working class stiff needs to get through the day. Between increased costs of transportation, alcohol, digital purchases, and more, the NYC government has ensured that the city is really only a place to live if you are fabulously wealthy or living on student loans (assuming they have a decent interest rate).

    Granted, its NYC and the hippy cool crowd and twenty-something power bizness players are always going to flock there to be at "the center of the action" but I imagine that if I lived in the city I myself and many others will be looking for an exit strategy.