Thursday, March 19, 2009

Want to Travel? 10 Ways to Cut Costs

USA Today just released an excellent article on ten ways to cut expenses while traveling during a recession.  

Us Americans tend to be narcissistic, and personally, I sometimes forget that the recession has hit on a global scale- so you might be surprised at how the dollar is faring in other countries.  As a 'for example': when I studied in Prague last year in the spring semester, the Czech Koruna plummeted from around 23 Kc to the dollar to around 16-17- all in the course of four months.  And that was before the crisis really hit.  Now, one US dollar will exchange for a little under 20 Kc... giving your vacation to Praha an increased financial punch of 10%. 

Can anyone really justify leisure travel right now? As a college student halfway through my last semester with loans to pay off, I probably can't... but that doesn't mean others shouldn't take advantage of the great deals being offered by airlines, cruises, hotels, and the Eurail.

And if you're interested in seeing how the dollar is faring in other countries, Yahoo has an continually updated currency converter. Now just may be the time for that long put off trip to Barcelona!

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