Friday, March 20, 2009

The Recession As a Contraceptive?

Well, not exactly- but it does seem to be making couples think again before adding a kid into the mix. 

According to a recent article in Time, condom sales (as well as other items in "family planning") have been up 10.2% percent in January and December of 2009.  The explanation?  I think the article explains it best- albeit politically correct-ively:

"To cut expenses, consumers are going out less, a phenomenon retail analysts call cocooning. Among couples, cocooning can lead to canoodling, which can lead to... recreation. 'People are spending a lot less on entertainment,' says Rick Shea, a branding expert and founder of Shea Marketing Consulting. 'And 'that,' for the most part, is free.'"

The article also includes several other new trends for budget-conscious American shoppers, such as stocking up on canned goods, buying containers to make their food fresher longer, and alcohol for drinking at home. 

And just as another reminder to be safe, here's an amazing commerical that got banned in Europe a few years ago that's pretty hilarious.  (probably the most effective safe sex education I've ever seen.)

(thanks Megha for the article!) 

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  1. Funny commercial.

    It's funny that the recession leads more people to want to wait on kids, only to give them the free time which leads to kids. It's a conundrum to be sure.